Customer Complaints

Council’s Complaint Form enables members of the public to lodge a complaint in which expresses a dissatisfaction with a product or service delivered by the Council or its representatives that has failed to reach the standard stated, implied or expected. This includes complaints about a service that has been, or should have been delivered.

Complaints which are determined to be about matters that are not Council’s responsibility, such as disputes between neighbours, will not be handled under this form.

A complaint is not a Request for Service. A request for service needs to be lodged by the Customer Service Request (CSR) form.  A compliant must not include a Request for Service.

Where a complaint cannot be resolved immediately the complainant will be advised of the process to be undertaken. Council will respond within [10] business days, acknowledging receipt of the complaint and, where possible, resolving it at that time. If a resolution is not possible at that time, the complainant will be kept regularly informed of progress, either by email, letter or personal contact.

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