Council Policies

Council adopts its policies at an Ordinary Meeting of Council. Below are Councils up to date Administration Policies & Procedures.

pdf Asset Accounting Policy

pdf Building Inspection Policy

pdf Caretaker Policy

pdf Cemeteries and 'Natural Burial Grounds' Policy

pdf Child Safe Environment Policy

pdf Clients Non Response Policy

pdf Code of Conduct for Volunteers Policy

pdf Code of Practice for Access to Council Meetings and Documents

pdf Community Group Loan

pdf Community Question Time Policy

pdf Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) Policy

pdf Complaints Handling Policy

pdf Complaints Handling Procedure

pdf Complaints Process Under Members' Code of Conduct

pdf Council Development Assessment Panel Complaints Policy

pdf Council Members Allowances and Benefits Policy

pdf Council Members Training and Development Policy

pdf Council's Protocol Ombudsman Enquiry Procedure

pdf Credit Card Policy

pdf Customer First Policy

pdf CWMS and Water Supply Hardship Policy

pdf Disposal of Land and Assets Policy

pdf Elected Members Allowances and Support

pdf Election signs Policy

pdf Electronic Communications & Use of Council Resources Policy

pdf Employee Grievance Policy

pdf Enforcement Policy

pdf Entry and Occupy Land Policy

pdf Flag Flying Policy

pdf Fraud & Corruption Prevention Policy

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy

pdf Internal Financial Control Policy

pdf Internal Review of a Council Decision Policy

pdf Meal Allowance for Volunteers Policy

pdf NPTN - Transport on Fire Risk Days Policy

pdf NPTN Clients Non Response Policy

pdf Opal Trailer Policy & Procedure

pdf Order Making Policy

pdf Organisation Social Media Policy

pdf Procurement Policy

pdf Protocol - Ombudsman Enquiry Procedure

pdf Prudential Management Policy

pdf Public Consultation Policy

pdf Rates Remission Hardship Policy

pdf Records Management Policy

pdf Request for Service Policy

pdf Request for Service Procedure

pdf Risk Management Policy

pdf Road and Public Place Name Policy

pdf Social Media Policy

pdf Tender Opening & Evaluation Procedure

pdf The District Council of Mount Remarkable Social Media Guidelines

pdf Travel and Accomodation Policy

pdf Tree Policy

pdf Unsealed Roads and Patrol Grading Methodology

pdf Urban Street Numbering Policy

pdf Volunteer Management Policy

pdf Volunteer Management Procedure

pdf Whistleblower's Protection Policy

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