Flinders RDAP

The Flinders Regional Development Assessment Panel was formally constituted by Regulation under the Development Act 1993 by the Governor in February 2010 in relation to the District Councils of Orroroo Carrieton, Mount Remarkable, Peterborough and The Flinders Ranges Council.

The Panel:-

  • acts as the relevant authority with respect to all development proposals of a prescribed kind (as referred to in Section 34(1)(ab) of the Act within the areas of the constituent Councils;
  • acts as a delgate of the constituent Councils in accordance with the requirements of the Act;
  • provides advice and reports to the constituent Councils on trends, issues and other matters relating to planning or development that have become apparent or arisen through the Panel's assessment of applications under the Act;
  • performs other functions apart from policy formulation functions assigned to the Panel by the constituent Councils.

Governance Documents

As with any sound and well functioning Board, Committee or Organisation, good governance plays a vitally important role.

The following governance documents are in place to guide and assist the RDAP in its operation and functioning.

Terms of Reference
FRDAP - Terms of Reference 

Meeting Procedures
FRDAP - Meeting Procedures 

Code of Conduct
FRDAP - Minister's Code of Conduct 

Establishing Regulation
FRDAP - Schedule 29 Development Regulations 2008 

Panel Delegations
FRDAP - DCMR Delegations (Adopted February 2010)
FRDAP - DCOC Delegations (Adopted April 2010)
FRDAP - DCP Delegations (Adopted February 2010)

Annual Reports
FRDAP - Annual Report - 2011-2012 
FRDAP - Annual Report - 2010-2011


The Finders RDAP consists of five(5) members, comprising
*  four (4) Members made up of one elected member or officer appointed by each of the constituent councils; and
*  one (1) independent Presiding Member (selected by the Minister)

The Presiding Member must have a reasonable knowledge of the operation and requirements of the Act and appropriate qualifications or experience in a field that is relevant to the activities of the Panel.

Presiding Member
Ms Shanti Ditter

Other Members
Mr Gary Thompson
Mr Trevor Roocke
Mr Frank Hardbottle
Mr Colin Parkyn

Public Officer

Pursuant to the provisions of the Act, Regulations and the Panel's Terms of Reference, the RDAP is required to appoint a Public Officer. This appointment was made at the inaugural meeting of the Panel with the term of appointment coinciding with the term of the Members appointed by each individual Council.

The current Public Officer and his / her contact details are provided below:-

Mr Colin Davies
Public Officer
Flinders Regional Development Assessment Panel
c/- The Flinders Ranges Council
PO Box 43,  Quorn  SA  5433
Tel  (08) 8648 6031  Fax  (08) 8648 6001  Email: cjd@frc.sa.gov.au

Flinders RDAP Minutes

No items available to list.

RDAP Member Resources

The following Resources are provided to assist Members of the RDAP fulfill their Roles & Functions

Disclosure of Financial Interests
FRDAP - Schedule 26 - Primary Return
FRDAP - Schedule 27 - Ordinary Return 

Travel Claim Form
FRDAP - Form - Travel & OOP Expense Claim 

The Flinders Ranges Council Development Plan
FRDAP - Development Plan - Flinders Ranges Council 

District Council of Mount Remarkable Development Plan
FRDAP - Development Plan - DC Mount Remarkable 

District Council of Orroroo Carrieton Development Plan
FRDAP - Development Plan - DC Orroroo Carrieton 

District Council of Peterborough Development Plan
FRDAP - Development Plan - DC Peterborough

PO Box 94
Melrose SA 5483
Tel: 08 8666 2014| Fax: 08 8666 2169