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The District Council of Mount Remarkable comprises the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and 5 Councillors, and is the decision-making body on all policy matters. Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers at the Council Office, 3 Stuart Street, Melrose, commencing at 9.30am.

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Designated Informal Gatherings

Council's Section 41 Committees are listed below. The Section 41 Committees assist in the performance of Councils functions for example; to carry out a project, to manage or administer property, facilities or activities on behalf of the Council and to oversee works on behalf of the Council. 

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June 13 2017
.pdf 13 June 2017 Ordinary Meeting Agenda
.pdf 13 June 2017 Ordinary Meeting Minutes
May 16 2017
.pdf 16 May 2017 Ordinary Meeting Agenda
.pdf 16 May 2017 Ordinary Meeting Minutes
April 18 2017
.pdf 18 April 2017 Agenda
.pdf 18 April 2017 Minutes
March 21 2017
.pdf March 2017 Agenda
.pdf March 2017 Ordinary Meeting of Council Minutes
February 21 2017
.pdf February 2017 Ordinary Meeting Agenda
.pdf February 2017 Ordinary Meeting Minutes
January 17 2017
.pdf January 2017 Council Agenda Agenda
.pdf January 2017 Council Minutes Minutes
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