Category 3 Notifications

The Council may be required to undertake public consultation on an application for development before making a decision. Below is an extract from the Guide to Development Assessment.

In respect of Category 3 applications, the relevant authority must give notice of an application for development by:

(1)  Giving notice of the application to owners or occupiers of:
• each piece of adjacent land (including land across a road or reserve no more than 60 meters from the land
• other land in the locality which, in the opinion of the relevant authority, would be directly affected to a significant degree by   the development.
(2)  A notice published on at least one occasion in a newspaper circulating generally throughout the area within which the relevant     development site is situated. The notice must:
(a) describe the nature of the proposed development
(b) identify the land concerned in the application
(c) state whether it is an application for a non–complying development and indicate:
• where the application may be examined
• the time when the application may be examined
• the person to whom the representation should be sent
• the time within which any representation should be lodged.
(d) advise of the existence of any Land Management Agreement entered into in respect of the development the subject of the application.

Current Category 3 Development Notifications 

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