Waste Collection

Waste Management Service

  • Bins are to be out for collection no later than 6.00am on collection days.
  • The Contractor may move your bin to a preferred location in order to maximise efficiency of collection. Residents should note this as the best location for future collections. If the bin is not put in this spot for future collections, it will not be emptied. 
  • As of November 2015, Council has implemented the correct bin identification in accordance with the National Standards, being
    • General Waste (140 litres) – Red bin lid
    • Recycling (240 litres) – Yellow bin lid
  • Should your Recycling Bin not have a yellow lid, or a yellow Recycling sticker, please contact Council to make arrangements to have a lid or sticker delivered or picked up.
  • Should either of your bins not have a lid, it will not be emptied by the Contractor. This is due to a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) possible risk of rubbish falling from the bin while being emptied, bins blowing over in strong wind, bins being filled with rainwater, etc.
  • Those on the defined route will be charged within their Council Rates, the standard collection fee (this is comprised of one weekly General Waste collection and one fortnightly Recycle collection).
  • Those not on the defined route will be charged per week, for the collection/s specified on this form. Those not on the defined route will be charged via invoice, however they may choose to have a ‘Non-Compulsory’ service charge imposed on their Rates Notices instead. Please advise Council in writing if this is preferred.
  • The township of Hammond will have their General Waste collected per fortnight, however residents may put two standard General Waste bins out for collection. The township will have their Recycling collected per month and may have two standard Recycling bins out for collection.
  • Should you require extra bins or collection services, please contact Council to obtain a Request Form. 

All enquiries and concerns regarding the particulars of the service should be directed to Veolia Environmental Services (as Council’s Contractor) on 08 8640 3100, or via email whyalla@veolia.com.au


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